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Cardfight Area 1.92

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WMZ: Z286052685640
WMR: R189875929148

The general:

Keyboard keys 1/2/3: Change image port.
Q: to open the log
S: to save the log
C: to change the language. English language is on default
Enter: the chat

Deck redactor:

The left button of mouse: to add the card to the deck
The right button of mouse: to remove the card from the deck
Save: to save the deck under the certain name
Load: to load the deck
Default: to make the certain deck main (it is saved under the name DefaultDeck.prfl and when you open the main program it will load this deck)

The main programme:

The left button of mouse (click on the deck): to draw a card
The right button of mouse (click on the deck): check drive (you draw a card and immediately reveal it to the opponent). If there is a battle phase, check drive is changed to the damage check (the card is shown to the opponent and then it goes to the damage zone).
CTRL + The left button of mouse (click on the deck): to enter your deck (while you’re looking at your deck it changes its colour so your opponent can see what are you doing.)
CTRL+ The left button of mouse (click on the Vanguard): to see your Vanguard’s soul
The right button of mouse (click on the Vanguard/Rear-guard): to change the battle position
The right button of mouse (click on the card in your damage zone): to open/close it
To click the mouse wheel (to click on the card): to add an attack to the card. It is possible also to enter a negative number.

The buttons in the right bottom corner:
SC (Soul Charge): to send the top card of your deck to the soul
Mill: to send the top card of your deck to the drop zone
SH (Shuffle): to shuffle your deck (when you are shuffling your deck it changes its colour so your opponent can see what are you doing)

Drive check/damage check triggers are fixed. They are set to zero when you enter Ride/End Phase
If you get a trigger you can click on the unit on your side of the field and its attack will be increased.

Battle phases:

[R] Ride/[M] Main/[B] Battle/[E] End

Boost effects:

To activate effects that are activated in the Battle Phase you have to click the right button of mouse (click on the card). In the other cases all the effect are activated when you click Shift + the left button of mouse.
To activate some effects it has to be a certain Battle Phase. You don’t have to activate continuous effects.

Units that are standing in the back row can give their power to the units that are standing in the front raw. This is activated when they are resting. When a unit stands its attack returns to normal.

1.92 Changelog:

-New cards.
-New Christmas decoration creates a festive mood!
-Kai is now again possible to pick!
— New sleeves from Sandy et al. 3D trap Aichi grom Shockwave:

Dimension Police:

Dimensional Robo, Dailesson
Enigman Calm
Operator Girl, Rinka

Oracle Think Tank:

Sun of Eternity, Amaterasu
Goddess of the Prophet, Yasaka
Handbell Purification Maiden, Ouka

Great Nature:

Traveling Momonga
Treatis Panther

Neo Nectar:

Ranunculus of Searing Heart, Ahsha
Trust Maiden, Odette
Flower Princess of Beautiful Winter, Inverno
Gentian Musketeer, Antero
Flower Princess of Passiflora Caerulea, Marlena
Maiden Dancing in the Wind, Francois
Growth Knight, Rally
Augury Maiden, Ida
Flower Princess of Belief, Celine
Watering Maiden, Ramona
Brilliance Maiden, Penelope
Lisianthus Musketeer, Loraine
Dreamy Grass Musketeer, Tessa
Robust Maiden, Noel
Flower Keeper Dragon
Charm Maiden, Nicola
Chastity Maiden, Launa
White Clover Musketeer, Mia Reeta
Mix Fruits Dragon
Avoca Doze
Baby-blue-eyes Musketeer, May Len
Chamomile Musketeer, Nicole
Freesia Musketeer, Rozalia
Roselle Musketeer, Randy
Abundant Flower Maiden, Patricia
Florneula Dragon
Monstera Knight
Hiratake Monjirou
Peas Tateo
Vermillion Battle Maiden, Nelly
Maple Leaf Squire
Calla Pixy, Quitterie
Agave Knight
Petition Maiden, Ermir
Monkeypod Dragon

Gear Chronicle:

Steam Fighter, Nagish
Riot-disorder Gear Bear
Interdimensional Dragon, Crossover Dragon
Highbrow Steam, Arlim
Linear-feed Dragon
Throttle Caliber Dragon
Greyegizos Dragon
Pulsar, Shift Barrett Dragon
Smart Fender Dragon
Tick Fork Dracokid
Steam Maiden, Ishu-Il
Steam Rider, Sharm
Steam Doctor, Enja
Gari Gari Worker
Steam Engineer, Kushana

Royal Paladin:

Divine Knight of Lore, Selfes
‘Knight of Heavenly Decree, Altmile
Knight of Discipline, Alectos
Support Warlock of Damascus
Holy Dragon, Brave Lancer Dragon
Divine Knight of Godly Defense, Igraine
King of Knights’ Light Manifest, Alfred Oath
Swordsman of Light, Peaks
Knight of Enlightenment, Albion
Scramble Griffin
Energetic Knight, Romus
Knight of Ambuscade, Redon
Security Knight, Regius
Sharpness Knight, Paris
Struggle Knight, Porex
Psion Rider
Knight of Encouragement, Harbon
Catharsis Vivid
Flash Zamber Dragon
Staff of Oath, Iacius
Enhancement Sage, Libron
Refresh Healer
Weapons Dealer, Brutow
Distinct Knight, Contianus
Devout Falx Dragon
Straightforward Knight, Carasius
Tough Knight, Baldus
Loyal Knight, Diotus
Knight of Tomahawk
Knight of Pretty Sword
Severe Hit Knight, Gulgites
Explosive Knight, Gredaukus
Gliding Eagle
Adamant Amplification Warlock

Nova Grappler:

Extreme Battler, Buttagill
Sonne Blaukluger

Shadow Paladin:

Belial Owl

Gold Paladin:

Knight of Daylight, Kinarius


Stealth Rogue of Envy, Ikyu


Savage Sorcerer

Angel Feather:

Black Mixer, Hiniel


WMZ: Z286052685640
WMR: R189875929148

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