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Cardfight Area 1.99

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WMZ: Z286052685640
WMR: R189875929148

The general:

Keyboard keys 1/2/3: Change image port.
Q: to open the log
S: to save the log
C: to change the language. English language is on default
Enter: the chat

Deck redactor:

The left button of mouse: to add the card to the deck
The right button of mouse: to remove the card from the deck
Save: to save the deck under the certain name
Load: to load the deck
Default: to make the certain deck main (it is saved under the name DefaultDeck.prfl and when you open the main program it will load this deck)

The main programme:

The left button of mouse (click on the deck): to draw a card
The right button of mouse (click on the deck): check drive (you draw a card and immediately reveal it to the opponent). If there is a battle phase, check drive is changed to the damage check (the card is shown to the opponent and then it goes to the damage zone).
CTRL + The left button of mouse (click on the deck): to enter your deck (while you’re looking at your deck it changes its colour so your opponent can see what are you doing.)
CTRL+ The left button of mouse (click on the Vanguard): to see your Vanguard’s soul
The right button of mouse (click on the Vanguard/Rear-guard): to change the battle position
The right button of mouse (click on the card in your damage zone): to open/close it
To click the mouse wheel (to click on the card): to add an attack to the card. It is possible also to enter a negative number.

The buttons in the right bottom corner:
SC (Soul Charge): to send the top card of your deck to the soul
Mill: to send the top card of your deck to the drop zone
SH (Shuffle): to shuffle your deck (when you are shuffling your deck it changes its colour so your opponent can see what are you doing)

Drive check/damage check triggers are fixed. They are set to zero when you enter Ride/End Phase
If you get a trigger you can click on the unit on your side of the field and its attack will be increased.

Battle phases:

[R] Ride/[M] Main/[B] Battle/[E] End

Boost effects:

To activate effects that are activated in the Battle Phase you have to click the right button of mouse (click on the card). In the other cases all the effect are activated when you click Shift + the left button of mouse.
To activate some effects it has to be a certain Battle Phase. You don’t have to activate continuous effects.

Units that are standing in the back row can give their power to the units that are standing in the front raw. This is activated when they are resting. When a unit stands its attack returns to normal.

1.99 Changelog:

-New cards:

True Eradicator, Bravesky Linchu
Dragonic Vanquisher «SPARKING»
Conquering Supreme Dragon, Dragonic Vanquisher «VBUSTER»
Hardrod Dracokid
Wyvern Strike, Timlarsh
Plasmatron Dragon
Demonic Dragon Berserker, Manasu
Smash Boxer Dragon
Strong Lightning Circular Blade, Gliselle
Electrobutcher Dragon
Lightning Strike of Aspiration, Helena
Eradicator, Dragonic Descendant «Sigma»
Fire Pillar Eradicator, Castor
Spiritual Wisdom Creator, Brahma
Summon Lightning Dancing Princess, Anastasia
Eradicator, Drag Phoenix
Soothing Eradicator, Gyokumen
Storm Eradicator, Shiva
Eradicator, Sharp Impact Dragon

Shadow Paladin:
Demon World Castle, Fangenbose
Dragwizard, Enid
Dragwiser, Bronarch
Sweep Owlner, Cethlenn
Gang Assault Dragon
Swift Owl
Gigantech Shutter
Dragwizard, Noische
Pedigree Knight, Tigresse
Morion Spear Dragon
Supremacy Dragon, Claret Sword Dragon Revolt
Supremacy True Dragon, Claret Sword Helheim
Dragstrider, Luard
Dragwizard, Semias
Blue Espada Dragon
Dragwizard, Babd

Oracle Think Tank:
Still Water Festival Deity, Ichikishima
Rapport Miko, Nazuna
One Advantage Miko, Nanase
Dawning Moon Miko, Akizuki
Remaining Moon Miko, Haruzuki
Protective Cat
Weather Girl, Shake
Battle Sister, Montblanc
Battle Sister, Florentine
Battle Sister, Baumkuchen
Excite Battle Sister, Stollen
Battle Sister, Sable
Battle Sister, Kipferl
Battle Sister, Ganache
Weather Girl, Lassi
Goddess of Regimentation, Tagirihime
Battle Sister, Marmalade
Excite Battle Sister, Bavarois
Wonder Child of Elegance, Asahiko
Hauser Dario
Battle Sister, Churro

Neo Nectar:
Maiden of Breed Rain
Maiden of Grow Shine
Maiden of Collantes
Maiden of Profuse
Governor Lily Maiden of Fertility
Loving Maiden, Valilla
Integrity Flower Maiden, Ritaleena
Lupinus Knight
Midsummer Flower Princess, Lieta
Plumeria Flower Maiden, Sharl
Sacred Tree Dragon, Rainbow Cycle Dragon
Resistant Lemone
Prosperity Maiden, Diane
Knight of Consideration, Memorim
Little Benefit Dragon
Knight of Discretion, Memorid
Flowerpot Elf

Blasting Stealth Rogue, Teruyoshi
Stealth Rogue of Rejection, Yorihira
Stealth Dragon, Ungai
Evil-eye Hades Emperor, Shiranui «Mukuro»
Stealth Beast, Tamahagane «Metsu»
Stealth Beast, Meimoudanuki
Stealth Beast, Gekisouookami
Dashing Stealth Rogue, Genzou
Stealth Beast, Kazemomo

Gear Chronicle:
Steam Lynx, Enme
Chronotiger Gear Glare
Steam Gunner, Shusin
Steam Knight, Shulgi
Steam Lynx, Adad-apra
Pushing Advance Gear Tiger
Pulsar Tamer, Hegardo
Pulsar, Thruster Bison
Chronodragon Gearnext
Pulsar, Spearhead Unicorn
Pulsar, Duplex Dragon
Pulsar, Overrush Ox

Link Joker:
Binding Heavy Star, Cluster Mine
Gravitate Turtle


WMZ: Z286052685640
WMR: R189875929148

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