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Cardfight Area 1.88

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WMZ: Z286052685640
WMR: R189875929148
PayPal: zmaxach@mail.ru

The general:

Keyboard keys 1/2/3: Change image port.
Q: to open the log
S: to save the log
C: to change the language. English language is on default
Enter: the chat

Deck redactor:

The left button of mouse: to add the card to the deck
The right button of mouse: to remove the card from the deck
Save: to save the deck under the certain name
Load: to load the deck
Default: to make the certain deck main (it is saved under the name DefaultDeck.prfl and when you open the main program it will load this deck)

The main programme:

The left button of mouse (click on the deck): to draw a card
The right button of mouse (click on the deck): check drive (you draw a card and immediately reveal it to the opponent). If there is a battle phase, check drive is changed to the damage check (the card is shown to the opponent and then it goes to the damage zone).
CTRL + The left button of mouse (click on the deck): to enter your deck (while you’re looking at your deck it changes its colour so your opponent can see what are you doing.)
CTRL+ The left button of mouse (click on the Vanguard): to see your Vanguard’s soul
The right button of mouse (click on the Vanguard/Rear-guard): to change the battle position
The right button of mouse (click on the card in your damage zone): to open/close it
To click the mouse wheel (to click on the card): to add an attack to the card. It is possible also to enter a negative number.

The buttons in the right bottom corner:
SC (Soul Charge): to send the top card of your deck to the soul
Mill: to send the top card of your deck to the drop zone
SH (Shuffle): to shuffle your deck (when you are shuffling your deck it changes its colour so your opponent can see what are you doing)

Drive check/damage check triggers are fixed. They are set to zero when you enter Ride/End Phase
If you get a trigger you can click on the unit on your side of the field and its attack will be increased.

Battle phases:

[R] Ride/[M] Main/ Battle/[E] End

Boost effects:

To activate effects that are activated in the Battle Phase you have to click the right button of mouse (click on the card). In the other cases all the effect are activated when you click Shift + the left button of mouse.
To activate some effects it has to be a certain Battle Phase. You don’t have to activate continuous effects.

Units that are standing in the back row can give their power to the units that are standing in the front raw. This is activated when they are resting. When a unit stands its attack returns to normal.

1.88 Changelog:
— New cards:

Great Nature:
Sage-saint Professor, Bigbelly
Lifelong Honorary Professor, Silvest
Omniscience Dragon, Afanc
Head of the Bastion, Ardillo
Special Appointment Professor, Arusha
Stapler Penguin
Ink Panda
Archaeologist Student, Koonegii
Field Glass Otter
Anchor Rabbit
Problem Child, Greybelly
Tryruler Cat
Hammsukes Rival, Crayon Hammzo
Chalk Eraser Fennec
Scholarship Student, Alibelly
Scintillating First-year Student, Littlebelly
Canteens Poster Girl, Avecia
Research Practice Member, Pongbelly
Draft Unicorn
Watering Elephant
Research Student, Mahurin

Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Shibarakku Buster
Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Kiyohime
Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Shishiyuzuki
Covert Demonic Dragon, Aragoto Spark
Sword Hunting Stealth Rogue, Oniwaka
Stealth Rogue of Ink Stain, Minetsuki
Stealth Dragon, Yashabayashi
Stealth Fiend, Awakohime
Stealth Dragon, Dual Weapon
Stealth Beast, Stab Fang
Stealth Beast, Slicer Wolf
Stealth Dragon, Onibayashi
Stealth Dragon, Manji Shooter
Stealth Beast, Doron Shifter
Stealth Beast, Trick Arts
Stealth Demon of Crow Feathers, Fugen
Stealth Rogue, Hinoekomachi
Stealth Rogue of the Fiendish Blade, Masamura
Stealth Beast, Drench Serpent
Stealth Beast, Fox Fire
Wind-slicing Stealth Rogue, Arashima

Lawless Mutant Deity, Obtirandus
Merciless Mutant Deity, Darkface
Mutant Deity Fortress, Gricefort
Haughty Mutant, Allie Antoinette
Machining Dive Beetle
A Class Mutant, GuraGiraffa
Hypnosis Mutant, Hypnomoth
Punish Stag
Rotating Scythe Mutant, Aristoscythe
Six Horns Mutant, Honeycomb Queen
Megacolony Battler E
Vulcan Lafertei
Scarlet Venom
Machining Cricket
Bullet Mutant, Pillburglar
Childhood Command, Rosenberg
Scissors-shots Mutant, Bomb Scissor
Machining Honeybee
Machining Butterfly
Makeup Widow
Ingot Chafer
Black-scales Flash Gun, Papiluray

Battle Maiden, Medusa
Mythical Hellsky Beast, Fenrir
Ice Crest Goddess, Svava
Boulder Fetter, Gjoll
Battle Maiden, Kotonoha
Secret Elsie
Fetter of Shackles, Gelgja
Fetter of Pile, Thviti

Cray Elemental:
Thunder Elemental, Goloro

Bermuda Triangle:
Dreamy Idol, Karen

Gear Chronicle:
Chronotherapy Hamster

Pale Moon:
Doting Harlequin, Maja
Praised Evil Tamer, Mirielle
Magical Box Trimmer
Red Star Dual Horn
Novelty Introductor

Neo Nectar:
Flower Princess of Autumn Scenery, Verna
Summer Heat Flower Maiden, Marjukka
Arboros Royal Guard, Airi
Sunflower Maiden, Launy
Arboros Defensive Wall, Sanelma
Goya in Champloo
Arboros Frontal Guard, Aira
Salad Familiar

Storm-calling Pirate King, Gash
Great Witch Doctor of the Banquet, Negrolily
Carl the Ghostie
Handsome Guy, Jean Mario
Skeleton Shock Troops
Bale the Ghostie
Rampage Shade
Cody the Ghostie

Dark Irregulars:
One Steeped in Sin, Scharhrot
Glenzend Vampir
Demented Executioner
Succubus of Desire

Link Joker:
Star-vader, Infinite Distarv
Star-vader, Geminga Dragon
Reversal Star-vader, Nobelium
Star-vader, Heliopose Dragon
Over-eat Deletor, Onagil

Gold Paladin:
Knight of Autumn Light, Legan
Holy Mage, Lavinia
Knight of Daybreak, Holsa

Royal Paladin:
Accomplished Knight, Fulgenius
Knight of Mastery, Grenus
Escort Eagle
Flying-rise Knight, Danius
Stilling Jewel Knight, Estelle


WMZ: Z286052685640
WMR: R189875929148
PayPal: zmaxach@mail.ru

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