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First of all, please note, that this game client is not fully automatic, you need to do most of the actions on your own. Some effects, like power-ups or ride chain effects, are automatic, but thats all. You need to understand game rules and know control keys to actually play this game client.

Main menu:
At the picture you can see:
1. Host. You can create your own game room. If you want someone to enter your game room, that person needs your IP-address.
2. Test. Test mode, where you can test all the control keys or even test your deck, but note, that in this mode there is no opponent. We don’t have a bot and we will probably never have it.
3. Deck Editor. You can create and/or update your decks here.
4. Load Replay. You can watch replays here. How do you create a replay? When you exit your fight, system always asks if you want to save the replay. There is a folder called «replays» in your CFA folder. You can also watch someone else’s replays by moving them to «replays» folder. When you load the replay, game offers you to choose the speed. You can also pause the replay by pressing the Enter button. Too bad, that there is no exit button, so after watching the replay you need to re-open your game client.
5. Deck Load. This button allows you to load one of your decks. You can see what deck is loaded in the main menu at the top of all buttons.
6. Connect. This is used to connect to the game that was already hosted or to connect to our server. To connect to the server you need to type this IP-address — and this port — 14800. If you want to connect to a game created by your friend, you need to enter his/her IP-address.
7. English/Русский. There are two languages in the game client [English and Russian]. This button shows you which language you have.

CFA server:
After choosing your character, your character will appear on CFA main server. Use arrows to move. At the picture you can see:
1. Thats how your character looks like. On the top you can see, how many players are in your current location. Also, if someone challenges you to a fight, you will see his/her request here.
2. Chat menu, that is seen by all players, who are in your current location. Press Enter to open the chat and/or to send a message.
3. Deck Load and Deck Editor buttons, just like the ones in main menu.
4. Sleeve Select — you can choose your sleeve here. You can buy sleeves or win them in our tournaments/in the ice castle location.

What does nickname’s color mean?
White — this means, that target person is not playing the game and is not watching the game. You can challenge him/her to a fight by pressing on his/her character.
Green — this means, that target person is playing the game. You can watch his/her game by pressing on his/her character.
Turquois — this means, that target person is watching someone’s game.

There are six visible locations on the server: start location, forest, shop, docks, ice castle and random room.
Random Room. Your deck is created by random in this room. The 1st card in your currently loaded deck defines what clan will be used to create a random deck.
Ice Castle — a place, where you can get sleeves. Every 45 minutes 1 or 2 people [depends on how many people are in the Ice Castle] can get one random sleeve from current sleeve pool.
There are also two secret rooms on the server, but you need to find them by your own.

Deck Editor:
Use your mouse wheel or keyboard arrows to scroll the cards. You can see two menus here:
1. List of all clans. If you press a clan icon, this menu will appear in closed position. To open it again,you need to click it.
2. Deck editing functions. You can load and save your deck here, create a new deck or go back to the previous menu.
If you want to add a card to your deck, you need to select it by clicking on it with your left mouse button. If you want to revome a card from your deck, you need to select it by clicking on it with your right mouse button.
You can also search for cards by their names. Press Enter, type the name, then press Enter again. Then press Enter one more time to remove search function. This function only works for a clan, that is currently opened in your game client.

Playing area:
1. Chat menu. Works just like chat menu in server’s locations. Press Enter, type your message, then press Enter to send your message.
2. Turn phases. Your phases are at the bottom of the chat menu, and your opponent’s phases are on the top of the chat menu. When you press Ride Phase, all your units change their position to stand. When you press End Phase, all your units lose automatic power-ups and your g-units return to g-zone. When you are in Battle Phase, you can do Drive checks. When your opponent is in Battle Phase, you can do Damage Checks.
3. Bind zone. Too bad, you can only see opponent’s cards in face-down position in this zone. Hope we will fix this one day.
4. Cards’ control menu. Click on your card, then you can send that card to the top or bottom of your deck, you can also add that card to your hand. If chosen card is in your deck, you will also have «L» button, which allows you to legion that card with your Vaguard.
5. Menu, that allows you to shuffle your deck, to mill the top card of your deck, to soulcharge the top card of your deck, to bind the top card of your deck, to shuffle your hand and to return your g-unit from your Vanguard circle to your g-zone.
6. Those circles are used to open your main deck and your g-zone deck. Red circle to open your g-zone deck and white circle to open your main deck.
7. Zone, that shows, which g-units were used already. You can see your units on the bottom, and opponent’s units on the top.
8. RFG zone. This zone is used for cards, that are removed from play. This zone is combined for both players.

Control keys:
● Click on any card [except Vanguard] with the left mouse button to select that card.
● Click on your deck with the left mouse button to draw a card.
● Click on your deck with the right mouse button to do a Drive Check. If your opponent is in Battle Phase, your Drive Check is replaced with Damage Check.
● CTRL + click on your deck with the left mouse button to open your deck. While you have your deck open, opponent sees your deck in a green color.
● CTRL + click on your or your opponent’s Vanguard with the left mouse button to open your soul.
● Click on your drop zone with the right mouse button to open your drop zone.
● Click on your Vanguard or Rear-guard with the right mouse button to change that unit’s position.
● Click on a card in your Damage Zone with the right mouse button to change that card into face-up or face-down position.
● CTRL + сlick your Rear-guard with the left mouse button to lock or unlock that card.
● Move your cursor on your Vanguard + press DELETE to delete your Vanguard.
● Click on a unit with your mouse’s wheel/move your cursor to your unit and click Space to increase or decrease that unit’s power.
● Press 1, 2 or 3 keys to change your screen’s resolution.
● Press «Q» to open the game log.
● Press «S» to save the log and to make a screenshot your deck.
● Press Enter to enter a chat message, then press it again to send it.
● Press CTRL to close your deck/soul/drop zone.

3.00 Changelog:
-New replay format (old replay not work now)
-New room where possible play only with standart decks.
-Cards the standard formatted are framed
-Removed christmas tree
-New cards:

Dragon Monk, Gojo
Dragonic Overlord
Lizard Runner, Undeux
Vortex Dragon
Spillover Dragon
Dragon Armored Knight
Dragon Knight, Nehalem
Cruel Dragon
Berserk Dragon
Embodiment of Armor, Bahr
Dragon Knight, Burj
Wyvern Guard, Barri
Damanance Dragon
Savage Hellfire, Gabiya
Grapeshot Wyvern
Crested Dragon
Embodiment of Shield, Rahm
Guard Griffin
Dragon Monk, Genjo
Demonic Dragon Mage, Rakshasa
Red Gem Carbuncle
Embodiment of Spear, Tahr
Bellicosity Dragon
Lizard Soldier, Raopia
Flame of Hope, Aermo
Demonic Dragon Madonna, Joka
Dragonic Waterfall
Dragonic Gaias
Flight Roc
Instigate Griffin
Flame of Destruction, Verbti

Royal Paladin:
Knight Squire, Allen
Knight of Silence, Gallatin
Strong Knight, Runoria
Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine
Bringer of Good Luck, Epona
Alfred Early
Little Sage, Marron
Knight of Rose, Morgana
High Dog Breeder, Akane
Miru Biru
Gigantech Charger
High Dog Breeder, Seiran
Blaster Blade
Radical Knight, Anil
Flash Shield, Iseult
Sage of Literary and Military Arts, Jarron
Auspice Falcon
Stardrive Dragon
Herculean Knight, Allobrox
Lion Mane Stallion
Soul Saver Dragon
Conjurer of Mithril
King of Knights, Alfred
Knight of Devotion, Bergius

Nova Grappler:
Extra Muscular
Morning Timer
Asura Kaiser
Death Army Guy
Miss Splendor
Cup Bowler
Tap the Hyper
Rocket Hammer Man
Boomerang Thrower
Battledore Fighter
Maximum Raizer
Perfect Raizer
Hi-powered Raizer Custom
Raizer Custom
Iron Killer
Twin Blader
Wall Boy
Cannon Ball
Three Minutes
Red Lightning
Shining Lady
Cat Butler
Hate Reflector

Oracle Think Tank:
Onmyoji of the Moonlit Night
Weather Forecaster, Miss Mist
CEO Amaterasu
Yellow Witch, MeMe
Weather Girl, Juice
Battle Maiden, Sarasa
Goddess of Flowing Times, Mizunohame
Solid Turtle
Farfalle Magus
Shooting Bobby
Goddess of Insight, Sotoorihime
Lozenge Magus
Circle Magus
Luck Bird
Oracle Guardian, Gemini
Promise Daughter
Imperial Daughter
Battle Sister, Polvoron
Petal Fairy
Victorious Deer
Silent Tom
Sphere Magus
Miracle Kid
Psychic Bird
Oracle Guardian, Nike
Decisive Judgment Maiden, Chitose
Ruote Magus
Whiteness Rabbit

Link Joker:
Imbrian Dragon

Dewey the Ghostie

Pale Moon:
Hopping Balloon

Eradicator of Fertility, Youki

Spike Brothers:
Funky Bazooka

Karma Queen

The Mask Collection:
Red Crow Mask
Powerful Insect Mask
Cherry Blossom Mask
Apple Mask SD
Loris Mask
Cold Moon Mask
Cherry Blossom Mask Who Loves Novelty
Green Tea Worm Mask
Apple Mask
Pancake Mask
Diamond Crown Mask
Beautiful Diamond Crown Mask
Doll Mask with Multiple Personality
Insect Mask
Black Elephant Mask
Moon Mask
Candle Mask
Squirrel Mask
Leopard Mask
Doll Mask
Green Tea Worm Mask SD


WMZ: Z286052685640
WMR: R189875929148
PayPal: zmaxach@mail.ru

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