Bad Russian Speaker

Bad Russian Speaker

Сообщение DragonicSwag » 15 сен 2016, 22:25

Privet! (that means hello in Russian, or so I've heard.) This is the help section and I need help. Uh, can you say what this means in English?
Sounds bad I know, but you guys must be nice enough to say what it means right? So yeah! Only problem is I don't know if any of you guys know English, but some of you guys have to cause you play us English people. So yeah, sorry for the problems, and I must say your guy's forum looks better and you even have better emotes than we do. q.q I would translate this to Russian, but I'm not a native speaker, the closest option they had was British English, but yeah! Keep up the good work, and byeee. :cool: So cool >_<

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Re: Bad Russian Speaker

Сообщение Mannaroh » 15 сен 2016, 22:27

It means "Lucky son of a gun" or something similar enough.

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